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As Steamer agent we look after the interests of principal shipping lines and its ship while she is in the port. The responsibility of a steamer agent includes arranging for Pilotage, Towage and Berthing of ship at port. We are responsible for bringing the business for the ship from the region.


As Stevedore, Machado Sons P Ltd undertakes operations relating to loading and discharging of cargo to / from the vessels to docks in the course of import and export trade. As a stevedore the job primarily involves the supply of equipment and labour, supervision for the handling of cargo and loading and unloading of vessels in the port. We handle cargo of bulk, break bulk and containerised type.



As authorized Customs House Agent (CHA) or Clearing & Forwarding agent (Lic.No: TUT 72 / 05) we play a vital role in import-export trade, which involves Processing of documents with Customs authority, Liaison with liners, Port trust, Transportation, Warehousing and obtaining benefits from Customs. We undertake Import Cargo Clearance, Export Cargo Clearance, Transportation of Import & Export cargo and Fumigation Services






Our import department handles every item that is permissible for import into our country. Understanding the needs of clients, import department offers you the following services:

     1. Containerised Cargo Import
     2. Bulk vessel import
     3. LCL cargo import
     4. Warehousing of your goods.
     5. Fumigation

We provide the utmost care to your cargo and ensure speedy transport to your factory. We have entered into tie-up with M/s C.W.C CFS and M/s SEC CFS for bonding and warehousing facilities.




Our export department undertakes following activities

     1.Freight negtotiation
     2.House stuffing
     3.C.F.S stuffing
     4.Connection details and cargo tracking
     5.Obtaining Post export benefits from Custom House
     6.Texprocil / SRTEPC endorsement
     7.Obtaining permission for export of hazardous goods

Here we give importance to cost effective routing at the minimum time period. We provide complete Cargo Tracking including the tentative schedule at the time of loading cargo and the final mother vessel connection confirmation. Further we will provide you the bill of loading the same day of container loading in vessel, enabling you to gain the benefits of earlier export realization.


1. Freight Negotiation:

The excellent relations we enjoy with the liners will benefit you in getting the cheapest ocean freight along with the minimum transit period. Further our export team will give you the comparative quotes to your destination port enabling you to decide the best option.

2. House stuffing:

We provide you with House Stuffing option, enabling to stuff your cargo at your factory premises under the supervision of the Central Excise authorities of your range. We will book the container from the liner of your choice and transport the same to your premises as soon as we hear the booking from your side.

3. CFS Stuffing:

We also provide you with the option of CFS stuffing for your FCL / LCL cargo. We have entered into agreement with the CONCOR and SHEROFF C.F.S to use their facility for stuffing your cargo. We on your behalf continuously negotiate with these C.F.S operators to bring down the cost of operation with the intention to maximize the benefits.

4. Connection details and cargo tracking:

Once you inform us about the shipment we will provide you the intended connection details to your destination port. Care is taken to minimize the transit period and the cost of transportation. Once the shipment is completed we provide you with the mother vessel connection particulars to relieve you from the tension of cargo status.


5. Post export Benefits from Custom house:

We also undertake the post export benefits like DEEC endorsement, DEPB licence verification, Telegraphic Release Advice, Final assessment, Drawback claim, A.R.E-1 endorsement from the Customs authorities within the minimum time limit. Also we undertake B1 Bond opening with Maritime Commissioner of Central Excise, Tuticorin and issue of CT-1 and getting proof of export admittance.

6. Texprocil:

We on your behalf take up the quota endorsement work with the Texprocil office and ensure proper documentation. We arrange for release of your EMD cheque on completion of export.

7.All permissions to be obtained form Government agencies related to the shipment of Hazardous Goods will be carried over.


For transportation we operate with our own fleet of 18 trucks and have an approved list of sub-contractors whose performance are under constant appraisal. With this we ensure non-stop delivery of goods for both Export or Import.


In tunes to our vision of providing complete cargo solutions, we have started our PEST CONTROL DIVISION to provide fumigation services for both Export & Import cargo. Our Pest Control Division has been approved by O/o plant Quarantine and Storage, Minsitry of Agriculture, Government of India and also by Department of Agriculture ,Government of Tamilnadu for fumigation and pest control activities.

Our Pest Control Division has been equipped with all latest instruments and we follow the proven technology and by using Methyl Bromide and Aluminum Phosphide (phosphine) gas for its operation. We are equipped to meet a wide spectrum of requirements. Further we have an able team of experts to handle the entire operation.


The Operations carried out by us are as under




Fumigation as a curative control technique is an indispensable requirement; lethal to all stages of insect development - eggs, larvae, pupa and adult, it not only kills live infestations, but also helps to check the spread of unwanted pests from one country to another, Government of India has made it mandatory for commodities like Raw Cotton, Wooden logs, Agricultural products like wheat, rice, pulses etc.
We offer the following fumigation services,

      a) Container Fumigation
      b) Bulk cargo fumigation
      c) Flour mill fumigation
      d) Wooden log fumigation

     2.General Pest Control:


We under-take general pest control for eliminating moths, houseflies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, beeties, bedbugs, silver fish and rodent control. This will be of great use in household and commercial arena. We carry these wirks with perfection to completely eliminate them by proper study of source of these insects and eliminating them form their source itself.


     3.Termite Control:


Termite often incorrectly referred to as 'white ants', have been on this earth for more than 250 million years, long before humans. They are not ants but are more closely related to cockroaches. They play an important role in nature - they break down dead or dry wod. Preventive anti-ternite treatment is essential for any premise - whether it is an existing structure, or under construction or renovation. Our treatment uses the chemical barrier method that includes slab injection (post-construction) and surface spraying (pre-construction).

We assure on association with us, you will be completely satisfied with our operations that too in an economical manner.

Import Services
1.Cargo Import
2.Bulk vessel Import
3.LCL Cargo Import
of Goods

Export Services
2.House Stuffing
3.CFS Stuffing
Details and Cargo

Post Export Services
2.DEPB License
3.Final Assessment
1.Filling Shipping Bill
2.Texprocil Purpose
3.Central Excise
4.Draw Claim
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